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Application advantages over conventional needles:

MESORAM® needles provide significant advantages, both for the patient and the user.


For physicians:

With MESORAM® needles you can offer patients a less traumatic experience , which in turn attracts an increase in visits to the doctor by yourself. Enjoy a selection of different thicknesses and lengths for increased versatility in the application.

The 4mm and 6mm microneedles are particularly useful in areas such as aesthetics ( Botox® ), while 25mm needles are used for deeper injections, as will be required at the lower arrangement of fillers, sclerotherapy and dentistry.

> Less pain : Local anesthesia may be needed les , or no longer be required.
> Shorter downtime : With a reduced likelihood of scarring and less visible places after treatment.
> More natural results : With Botox® treatments, the 32G and 33G can x 4mm x 6mm or micro - needles are used and allow precise injection into the superficial layer of the skin.


For the patient:

Self- injections can now be less difficult and painful. For diabetics and those who , for example, inject growth hormones, MESORAM® needles are extremely simple to use . Depending on how deep the needle should be used the the micro- needles (eg 4mm ), make sure that you inject the medication for the proper placement e.g. in the dermis (skin) or subcutaneous tissue.

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